Yolanda Watson (PA)
DOB 08/22/1968
# OR3839
Cambridge Springs,
Charge: Aggravated jury tampering
Sentence: 7.5 to 15 years.

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Attempted corruptor convicted
By Amanda L. Snyder

Posted Mar. 31, 2011

A Whitman woman will spend up to 15 years in prison for attempting to bribe a juror in her boyfriend’s attempted murder trial.
Yolanda Watson, 42, was convicted of agravated jury tampering — employing force or violence, obstructing administration of the law and tampering with a jury Jan. 21 and sentenced Friday to one to two years each for the latter two convictions with a term of seven-and-a-half to 15 years running concurrently for the former, according to court documents. Watson, who was arrested a year ago for the charges, must complete citizen classes, gain employment within six months of her release and remain under the supervision of the mental health unit upon release.
Her boyfriend Rico Lofton, 36, of the 400 block of Durfor Street, is serving 30 to 60 years in jail with no parole for one count of criminal conspiracy and three counts of aggravated assault, which he was convicted of March 8, 2010. Lofton fired at a group of teens on the 600 block of Jackson Street at 3:10 p.m. Aug. 9, 2006 because he believed the teens beat up his son, according to the District Attorney’s Office. However the shots struck two innocent passers-by — the left hand of an 18-month-old boy in a stroller and a 17-year-old boy’s left leg.


Woman Convicted In Jury-Tampering During Philadelphia Shooting Trial
March 25, 2011 11:27 AM


PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A woman has been sentenced to at least 7½ in prison for tampering with a Philadelphia jury.  Her boyfriend was on trial for a drive-by triple shooting.
Philadelphia Prosecutor Carrie Sarhangi says the crime rocks the very core of our justice system.
According to testimony, defendant Yolanda Watson, 48, approached a juror near the courthouse during the deliberation phase of the trial and tried to influence the juror’s opinion in her boyfriend’s case. “She was basically trying to slander one of the witnesses involved in Commonwealth v. Rico Lofton,” prosecutor Carhangi explains.  “She mentioned something about $38,000.  And as the juror was told to do, he came back to court the very next morning and explained everything to the court staff.”
She says Watson followed the juror for a block and he felt threatened, especially since the man on trial was accused in the shooting of a teen, a grandmother, and a three-year-old.
Watson was arrested and Lofton was convicted of the shootings anyway.  Even his attorney, Richard Hark, applauds this tough sentence:
“It’s extremely appropriate. The sanctity of a jury trial is all-important in a jury trial.”
Watson was sentenced today as her four daughters sobbed in the courtroom.  The judge called the crime “unforgivable.”
Hello Mr. Fox: my name is Yolanda Watson. I got your name and address from the Graterfriends. Mr. Michael,

I am incarcerated at Cambridge Springs sentenced four 7 1/2 to 15 years for something I did not do. I had a vindictive prosecution. I attended a court trial of my ex-boyfriend Rico Lofton on March 4, 2010. Just for moral support.

He was on trial for aggravated assault for allegedly shooting a teenager and an innocent baby in the finger in 2006. His case was thrown out of court three times for a mistrial and a hung jury. The judge Sandy L.V Byrd hated him because he just beat a drug case in his courtroom. And so they sent him back to the same judge.

Okay now up-to-date

March 4, 2010 COMM. V. Lofton The juror from his trial, number 12, (name omitted) stated that I told him that case was going on for years. And that the victims were a bunch of drug dealers. which I have proof that Rico's lawyer Mr. Hark made that known at closing arguments. He said that they were liars drug dealers thugs addicts etc.

The DA and judge were outraged at this. They wanted me locked up for contempt of court. Even though Rico was found guilty with that same juror on jury duty, and sentenced to 30 to 60 years in prison. They came after me next with false charges of aggravated juror tampering, harassment, obstruction of justice, and contempt of court.

The same judge and DA from my boyfriend's case were now my DA and judge. I asked my lawyer at that time to have the judge recuse himself. He refused. The ADA Lorraine Donnelly made herself a witness to railroad me. How can she as a witness be at sidebar with the judge arguing my case at status hearings and motions?

Also the judge was biased because he thought I tried to mess with his case. The judge called me a juror tamperer. They changed transcripts. The juror on police reports and court record stated I never threatened him. Also they claim I offered the juror $38,000. The juror did not affirm or refute this charge.

I was found incompetent to stand trial. But the witness, ADA Donnelly contacted the court appointed psychologist and said I was faking, that I am not mentally ill, and told the doctor to change my diagnosis to "competent." Then the doctor, named Stanton, stated that I am capable to stand trial, but can't promise that I will hold up in court.

She had the doctor think that she was acting as DA on my case. She wasn't. She was a witness who was instructed not to talk to jurors.

I never threatened the juror or offered him money. The judge Sandy L. V. Byrd knows this. The juror spoke to the judge first, and then the judge and the ADA set this up.

They were asking questions at my sentencing on March 25, 2011 Why did they do it? Know that my mind was still on them speaking about me acting out in court. I didn't confess to those things. I would be lying. I am deemed mentally ill but I have proof of everything I am writing.

My ex-attorney told me they offered me a deal. But he wouldn't explain it to me. He said that he knows what's best, he's the attorney.

This is true, my case was had January 19, 20th, 2011.

My witnesses were Larry Bates, and Yolanda Watson my daughter. Something has to be done if the police report says I didn't threaten the juror, and the juror said I didn't threaten him, at my preliminary trial. Why am I in prison? It was malicious prosecution.
I had medical records proving my mental illness but these were not honored in courts. And I had very poor representation.

They did me dirty. Get back to me. And the proof will shock you.

The judge abused his power and the ADA was operating under a conflict of interest. I didn't admit anything. I said I was sorry, I wanted to be with my four daughters. My son was murdered. Things were confusing, Mentally, I was in and out.