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Sylvia Boykin
# OC3555
SCI Cambridge Springs
DOB 05/26/58
Convicted 1992
Conspiracy to Murder
Time Served: 21 years
Commutation Denied 02/02/12

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Note: Syliva is no longer at Muncy, but has moved to the Cambridge Springs Institution

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Don't Quit
Three Given Life Terms In Killing

by Dave Racher, Daily News Staff Writer
POSTED: April 05, 1994

The 43-year-old North Philadelphia woman was killed because she was too poor to pay a $75 drug debt in 1992.

Bernetta Pope was shot to death on May 15, 1992, inside her home on Arizona Street near 26th by two teen-agers recruited by her drug suppler, Sylvia Boykin, 35, of 27th Street near Berks.

Yesterday, a jury that returned first-degree murder verdicts against Boykin and the two gunmen, Aaron Major, now 21, of 31st Street near Diamond, and Lamont Blagman, 17, also known as Antonne Young, of Diamond Street near 30th, refused to sentence her to die for the slaying.

Common Pleas Judge James J. Fitzgerald III imposed a life prison term. Last week, Major and Blagman received the same sentence.

Pope's son, Albert Sutton, 28, testified that Boykin entered his house to talk to his mother, and then apparently opened the door for the two killers.

As Major and Blagman waved handguns, Boykin shouted, "Kill them both," Sutton said. After unsuccessfully trying to pull his mother to safety, he said she was shot in the neck and leg.

Assistant District Attorney John Doyle said Boykin had previously threatened to kill Pope if she didn't pay her drug bill.
"It doesn't matter who actually fired the fatal shot," said Doyle. ''Sylvia Boykin ordered a hit for a $75 crack debt."

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