Shelby Unger-Bacz
(Formerly OL3927)

DOB: 08/05/1966

Shelby  Unger-Bacz

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Tom Corbett and his office are certainly proud of their achievements. The bust of the following people was cause to issue a celebratory announcement. WCJN wonders if the defendants' "whiteness" was a contributing factor to prosecutorial pride. And the inclusion of Shelby and another woman~~trophies of a sort?

Santiago Cocaine Ring copy
Nobody Wins
Shelby Unger-Bacz,
OL-3927, SCI Cambridge Springs

I am a female drug addict serving a 7-14 and 5-10
concurrently at SCI Cambridge Springs. I had my
7-14 year sentence vacated, but the state appealed
the judge’s decision before I was able to be resentenced.
I have already served almost five years.

The judge ruled that my attorney was ineffective
for not filing for a “bill of particulars” and not arguing
that some of the “hearsay” testimony should
have been apportioned as personal use (Comm. v.
Carroll, 651 A.2d 171, 438 Pa. Super.55 (Pa. Super
1994)). The judge also stated that my previous attorney
could have at least got me a 5-10.

Now, after fighting for four-and-a-half years —
and winning — the state decides not to “play nice”
and has tied me up in the appeal process all over
again. I’ve never been “caught” selling or possessing
drugs that were mine, never had a “controlled
buy” etc., EVER IN MY LIFE. Yet, this is the second
time I’ve been charged because the state
“dangled carrots” in front of select people and
promised them a deal to talk about me.

Does anyone have any advice? I always wanted to
believe that the criminal justice system was fair
and just. No, it’s not. It’s a game to some, and my
children’s lives are hanging in the balance. Nobody
wins — especially not my children. Although I have
to continue fighting, I refuse to give up. I’ve been
beaten down way too hard for way too long by men
and drugs, I’ve picked myself back up while I’ve
been “down” (in prison), and I’ve helped empower

I think the answer is to never give up hope. Education,
support, recovery, and faith is where it’s at
— NOT SCI-Anywhere! Eighty-five percent of us
women have been abused. It’s time to fight back
and get our lives back.