Kim Joynes Doing Life Book 90's

Kimerly Joynes
DOB 1960
SCI Muncy #OO6202
Convicted First Degree Murder 1980
Sentence Life Without Parole
Time Served 33 years.
Actual murderer received 10~20 years.

Synopsis, In October 1979, Kimerly was disrespected by a house guest. Her boyfriend became furious and hit the house guest in the head with a weightlifting iron. After he was unconscious, and quite probably dead, Kimerly stabbed his abdomen with a cooking fork. The actual murderer received a relatively light sentence in a bench trial, 19 year old Kimerly was sentenced to life without parole.

Convicting Reasons: 1) Unfit Mother: single mother with a child. 2) Prosecution as Sport: "If I can win it, it means she did it." 3) The "War on Crime":-racial prejudice. 4) Judicial Hysterectomy: -to seal the womb of inadequate women.

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Kim Joynes Brother 80s
Kim and brother Alan (1980's)

Kim Joynes Daughter and Brother 90s
Kim with daughter and brother Alan.(1990's)

Kim Joynes Brother 2013
Kim and brother Alan…2013