Karlyn Eklof

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In 1996, Karlyn Eklof, a single mother with three children, was wrongfully charged with murder. When she refused an eight year plea bargain, the state requested the death penalty. She was sentenced to two consecutive terms of life imprisonment + 230 months for a single murder! Karlyn continues to fight for her release. She is appealing her case.


Pictured Michael H. Fox (left), director of the the Women's Criminal Justice Network; Erma Armstrong,(center) author of Improper Submission; Hans Sherrer (right), editor Justice Denied Magazine.


Oregon Justice:
Men get Mercy, Women get the Maximum.

Oscar Pena: admitted double murderer will be eligible for parole in 25 years.

Rhonda Wheeler: 30 year sentence for planning a single murder. (Prosecution wanted death)

Chris Weston: 52 months for murdering his pregnant girlfriend.

Alisha Myers: Sentenced to life without parole for a crime committed at the age of 18 years and 10 days. (Prosecution wanted death)

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Speaking Out

How my troubles began.
by Karlyn

The Fox and the Owl
Letter to Michael Fox

Interview with Karlyn


Are the city of Eugene (Oregon) and Lane County the criminal justice corruption capitols of the world?

Man accuses city of Eugene, officers of wrongful arrest.

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Were you a juror at Karlyn's trial? Do you still think she is guilty? Many jurors later complained that had they been exposed to all the evidence, a different decision would have been rendered.

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