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Kiesha Johnson (OR)

Sentenced to 34 years to Life as an accomplice to murder. The actual shooter (Andre Johnson-no relation) testified against Kiesha in exchange for leniency in his own trial. He was sentenced to 30 years to life~(less than Kiesha!).

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Salem woman convicted of murder

11:02 AM PDT on Saturday, August 16, 2003

Associated Press

A woman who participated in a robbery that led to the fatal shooting of another woman was convicted of murder by a Marion County jury.

Jurors deliberated seven hours before finding Kiesha Leatrice Johnson, 30, guilty of murder and robbery. She will be sentenced Tuesday along with Andre Antwan Johnson, who is not related.

Andre Johnson pleaded guilty to aggravated murder in May and testified against Kiesha Johnson.

Erika Marie Burton, 34, was shot in the head Feb. 19 in her Salem cottage. Prosecutors said Andre Johnson shot Burton and robbed two witnesses.

Prosecutors said Kiesha Johnson helped plan the robbery and subsequently helped Andre Johnson, making her guilty of the same crimes under Oregon law.

"Obviously, we think it's the right verdict," said Deputy District Attorney Erin Greenawald. "I'm just happy that the jury saw it that way, too."

Kiesha Johnson's attorney, Stephen Lipton, said his client believed she and Andre Johnson were going to buy drugs from Burton. She didn't know there would be a robbery or shooting, he said.