Elyse Wilson (PA)
Released Sept 2013
DOB: August 7, 1960

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My name is Elyse Wilson. I've been convicted of crimes I did not commit. I have the evidence to prove it. The evidence started out with prejudicial racial profiling, prosecutorial misconduct, and the evidence presented did not match the charges-the forensic scientist was a chemist-it just got real crazy.

The state failed to make their burden of proof. I had an all-white jury at both trials etc. I was only given credit from the date of sentencing, not the time spent in custody which was six months. My case is still in appeals. I've been appointed another attorney who is clearly working against me.

My original bail was set at $2500. After the Supreme Court remanded the case back to the trial court, I was granted bail in the excessive amount of $25,000 straight cash. The attorney put in for another bail on February 23, 2012, I don't know what happened. My six-year sentence expires on February 28, 2013 if and when he puts in for the credit. Although I may end up maxing out, I am not letting this grave injustice go with out continuing the fight. Do you have some type of questionnaire I could complete and return? We don't have Internet access here. If you need any information let me know. There are over 800 women here.

I had no prior incarceration. I was 46 years old at time of arrest. The only description listed was "black female ". I have three children, four grandchildren.

The officer testified that he was at another residence.

There with me. I always try to use smaller sheets of paper so I won't get lengthy. It's not too often you get a person or an organization inquiring about your innocence. I've completed two questionnaires for the innocence Project and I've never heard from them. I've contacted the innocent commission and I've never heard from them. So I've been riding solo for years. The human rights coalition has been and still are a lifesaver!

There is so much wrong with these cases. A judgment for acquittal was denied. The district attorney filed a guilty plea with the clerk of courts office four months before both trials, without my knowledge. I'm challenging the legality of this matter. The list has seven other issues I'm raising as well.

Everything I've ever filed pro se has been denied without being heard. The judge issued an order dated December 5, 2011 for the attorney to file a final amended PCR. So, now a hearing can be scheduled to hear all the pro-se motions that were never heard. The motion for credit is also in that file. I know he's really angry now, I filed a lot of stuff over the years that was never heard.


Elyse Wilson

Elyse Wilson unable to walk, denied food and medical care at Muncy

March 7, 2011

Elyse Wilson unable to walk, denied food and medical care at Muncy:   The Human Rights Coalition received a report from Elyse Wilson, a prisoner at the State Correctional Institution (SCI) at Muncy, Pennsylvania on Saturday, February 26th, describing the prison's refusal to provide her necessary medical treatment.  Elyse is unable to walk after a pre-existing back injury worsened. Prison staff refused to take her to the medical department for treatment. As a consequence, Elyse had missed two meals since she cannot walk to the cafeteria. She anticipated missing the remainder of her meals over the weekend, as she does not have medical clearance to have meals delivered to her cell.
Medical staff had approved her for an assessment regarding her injury that was scheduled for January 25th, but the assessment never happened. HRC has received numerous reports during the past two years regarding inadequate or non-existent medical care at the two women’s state prisons at Muncy and Cambridge Springs, demonstrating a pattern of human rights violations.

Prisoner at Muncy Torn During Vaginal Exam

August 22, 2011
Prisoner at Muncy Torn During Vaginal Exam: A prisoner at SCI Muncy, Elyse Wilson, reports pain and frustration from two tears on her vagina that she received during an annual exam with DOC gynecologist Dr. Rodriguez. Wilson reports that Rodriguez “opened her vagina like someone would open a potato chip bag”, triggering past experiences of rape and causing her to scream and tear up.

Wilson requested the exam after problems with urination, which she suspected, meant a prolapsed bladder. After the exam, she experienced pain and bleeding and submitted a sick call to get antibiotic medication. She was met with resistance from Muncy medical staffer Dr. Gothwal, who told her “she shouldn’t be washing down there”, that “the vagina is a self cleansing organism”, and that it was a nice “clean cut” that would heal in two to three days.

Wilson spoke with the supervisor of the medical department and superintendent of the prison and was able to acquire some antibiotic ointment. Wilson states that women at Muncy are reluctant to get their annual exams at the prison, knowing of Dr. Rodriguez’s roughness, and that this behavior is unacceptable and needs to be addressed. The Human Rights Coalition’s
FedUp! chapter is planning an investigation into the abuse and a Focus on Woman Campaign Action in response to Wilson’s story.

Elyse Wilson

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