Denni Frase, Released March 2011!! Alleged Offense: Murder Prison Term: 15-Life Sentenced: 03/27/1995


Pat Dolan accidentally overdosed ingesting morphine, while drinking and getting high.
Judge Spahr suppressed the information that Chief Zellner was engaged to marry Pat's ex-wife, Ruth.
Pat's life insurance policy had a drug clause prohibiting payment for accidental drug overdose. Because of the word HOMICIDE, payment was made to Pat's oldest child, a minor at that time in the custody of Ruth Dolan, engaged to Al Zellner.  

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Denni Frase
My Statement

On June 4, 1993, my boyfriend, Patrick Dolan died. I found him unresponsive in his bed at approximately 4:00 PM. I initiated breaths and CPR, phoned 911. The paramedics said there was nothing more they could do, and called for the coroner. 

Licking county (Ohio) coroner, Dr. Robert Raker arrived approximately 5:00 PM. He asked about Pat's drinking and drug use. I told him we had been out drinking the night before.
On November 5, 1993, Newark Detective Scott Snow came to my home and asked if 1 would come to the police department that day, so I did. Detective Snow and Deputy Chief of Detectives Al Zellner tape recorded the interview. (I have the transcript). They did not inform me of Pat's cause of death. 

On December 17, 1993, Det. Snow phoned and asked if I would come to the police department and they would bring me up to date as to where they were in the investigation of Pat's death. I went to the police department and was accused of murdering Pat. Chief Zellner called me a "cold blooded murderess". The tape recording of this interview, unfortunately, has never surfaced.

Det. Snow wrote an "interview summary" of this interview...not dated nor signed by anyone. Det. Snow omitted an important question mark. He reported that when he said that I had more involvement in Pat's death than I had previously indicated, that I said, "I did."; when actually I questioned, "I did?"

Then, according to his report, I was "catatonic" for 28 minutes, only blinking twice. Per Det. Snow, I was catatonic two more times. They did not summon medical help and continued questioning me. I was told that Pat died of an oral ingestion of morphine, morphine poisoning. Since the morphine was a pharmaceutical grade morphine, and I was a nurse, I was the suspect. I was allowed to leave after agreeing to a polygraph. 
When I left, I hired an attorney, J. Tullis Rogers, of Columbus, Ohio. He cancelled the polygraph. 
On September 28, 1994, I was indicted and arrested for Aggravated Murder. My bond was set at $500,000 cash only. Needless to say, I was unable to make bail. 

My trial was scheduled for March 20, 1995. On March 1, 1995, Assistant prosecutor, Ken Oswalt, discovered that Chief Zellner was engaged to marry Ruth Dolan, former wife of Pat; something I knew 3 months before. Mr. Oswalt offered a plea of involuntary manslaughter as a felony three. He withdrew the offer two days later. 

On March 20, 1995, jury selection began. Mr. Oswalt disqualified potential jurors with any type of knowledge of morphine. The plea of involuntary manslaughter as a felony three (causing the death of another in the course of a misdemeanor; corrupting another with drugs) was offered. My attorney turned it down. I would have pled no contest to negligent homicide, a 1st degree misdemeanor, but my attorney said that since I wasn't driving a car, he would not take it to the prosecutor, as it wasn't applicable. Also on the first day of my trial, Judge Spahr signed a motion suppressing the fact that Chief Zellner was engaged to Ruth Dolan.

My trial took 5 days. Judge Spahr allowed one week and one week only. The jury went out on Friday evening and Judge Spahr told the jury that they needed to have a verdict that evening or they would have to come in over the weekend. Coming in on Monday was not an option. After approximately 3 hours of deliberations, the jury found me not guilty of aggravated murder, but guilty of murder. At 11 PM I was sentenced to 15 years to life.