CBS Radio Interview: Wrongfully Convicted Women


Below is an interview with WCJN director Michael Fox aired on Sunday April 6th, 2014. It was recorded in the Detroit area and aired on several stations. The interviewer is Alisa Z. The interview is in two segments of 15 minutes each.

I mention many cases of prisoners I am assisting
Karlyn Eklof and Tammy Traxtle (OR), Kimerly Joynes and Crystal Weimer (PA), Shawnte Jones(AZ), Deion Harris (TN), Marian Faye Cason and Marisa Alexander (FL).

Interview Part 1

Interview Part 2

WCJN's director of public relations, Madysen, was quite excited to hear the boss's voice online!

Madysen listening

At least for the first few minutes. Same old story, it seems...

Madysen dozing