About WCJN

Our main objective is aid women with strong claims of innocence to regain their freedom.

But innocence and guilt are not so easily discernible. Indeed, there are many women who are entirely innocent of alleged charges. Yet, there are many others who have tangential connections / minor complicity in crimes instigated by the men in their lives. "Guilt by Association," established in many states by felony murder statutes, has been a weapon to incarcerate those viewed as "bad girls" and "unfit mothers." Hundreds, perhaps thousands of women in the USA are locked up for tenuous reasons, driving a car used in a crime, lying to the police, trying to cover the tracks of the perpetrator, etc.

How did WCJN get started? Michael Fox explains this in a letter to renown progressive writer Michael Albert, director of Znet.
( View ) Fox also explains his entrance into the world of wrongful convictions first in Japan, and then in the USA, in CURIOSITY AND COURAGE: A TALE OF TWO COUNTRIES published in The Criminologist.

How does WCJN operate? We work carefully with attorneys, activists, prosecutors, parole boards and correctional institution staff. We strongly believe in cooperation rather than confrontation. Sensitivity and sensibility will win the day.

To make contact: please write to

Michael H. Fox
Hyogo University
Kakogawa City

email: wcjn.org@gmail.com

WCJN welcomes contacts, greetings, criticisms, and your stories, links, comments.

We respond to all correspondences. If we think your claims bears merit, an investigator may be dispatched for a prison visit. We will try and notify you in advance to apply for special visitation with correctional authorities.